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The company is focusing on providing the best IT professional services, services that includes supporting your IT infrastructure, project management and consultation. We are helping companies to improve business processes and significantly reduce costs.

We train our employees to work above professional standards for development, provides management tools for projects, development methodologies and work environments, so projects are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

We can allocate software engineers, team managers, QA personnel and graphic designers qualified in various fields from within our ranks, assisting you in reaching your targets and goals through the building of winning team overseas. We have the ability to put any work frame at your disposal, from a single programmer to a team of several dozens of employees, all within a short time with efficient and quick allocation processes.
.net Technologies
This wide pool of knowledge enables us to recruit engineers with academic training and qualification, and with professional experience. Nonetheless, our personnel includes selected professional supervisors with extensive knowledge and experience, who assist the work teams at all times and provide their abilities and experience to all employees.
.Java Technologies
JAVA and PHP technologies have become a favored and rare commodity. Our employees include programmers who have specialized in Web, Mobile and even development for complex engineering platforms. In the Web 0.2 world, employers regularly find it difficult to locate qualified and reliable PHP/DB personnel. We locates many programmers in these fields, creating an advantage for many of our clients.
Design and Graphics
3D Max, Photoshop, Flash and other graphic tools are valuable resources that are used by most media and advertising companies. We provide graphics personnel in different fields to media and design companies. Our staff includes graphic designers who specialize in various fields, with uncompromising quality and costs.
Quality Assurance and Technical Writing
The IT world includes many positions that require executing a vast number of delicate and precise tasks over many work hours. However, the availability of manpower for these tasks is low, and the desertion rate is high, creating problems and setbacks for process developers. We provide an immediate solution by providing highly qualified testing and analysis teams, with high availability and uncompromising accountability to the client.
IT outsourcing delivers real benefits: improved business performance including reduced costs, enhanced revenue, certainty and flexibility. We offer clients the opportunity to outsource their IT in part or in full and to realise benefits including service improvements, increased customer satisfaction and reduced costs. We consistently achieve client satisfaction levels above SLAs, delivering quality and flexibility as standard.

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